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Welcome to the cloud adoption survey 2020, a joint effort by the communities of the Cloud Security Alliance, GÉANT and EuropeClouds for analyzing cloud adoption at different geographic locations.
We thank you all for your contribution.

The survey is multilingual. You can select a preferred language from the list of languages, by clicking the button in the upper right corner.

Survey goal – Review the usage of public cloud, the different usage types, reasons for migrating to the public cloud and the challenges organizations are facing using public cloud.

The purpose of this survey is to review the adoption of IaaS/PaaS services.

The survey is meant for customers/organizations only.

In-order to keep the privacy of the survey participants, no questions will be asked regarding participant or organization name.

We collect survey data for research purpose only.

We do not sell or share your data to other 3rd parties, other than our collaboration partners.

By pressing "OK" you agree that you understand the purpose of this survey and how your data will be used, and you agree that we will be able to use the data that we collect from this survey.
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