The Office of Parliamentary Counsel (OPC) is redeveloping the website for the Federal Register of Legislation ( over the next two to three years. This survey seeks feedback and suggestions from website users on key aspects of the website to inform the redevelopment.
Questions 2-5 ask you to rank or prioritise items according to their importance to you.  For each ranking question, please assign a priority 1, 2, 3 etc to each item where 1 is the highest priority. If an item does not apply or is not important to you, you may leave it blank.

* 1. When you use the Register, which of the following best describes your role?

* 2. Please rank your preferred way of locating legislation on the Register

* 3. Please rank other ways of finding legislation that would be useful to add to the Register?

* 4. Once you have located an item of legislation, please rank how you would prefer it to be displayed?

* 5. Please rank actions that you would like for a displayed item of legislation?

* 6. What formats do you like to use?

* 7. Are there improvements to downloads that you would like to see?

* 8. If you agree to be contacted about your response, please provide your email address.

You may optionally provide an email address to enable us contact you if we have further questions about your responses.
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