Galway City Community Netwrok: Public Participation Network

Galway City Community Network is the Public Participation Network for Galway City. It is the network through which representatives of the community & voluntary (including the sport, recreation & amenity sector) are nominated and elected onto local authority structures.

Galway City Community Network have established a Sports, Recreation & Amenity Linkage Group. The Linkage Group will: 

·        Inform and support the GCCN representatives on the Galway Sports Partnership, the Environment, Recreation & Amenity SPC and other bodies as appropriate. 

·        Develop GCCN policies in this area

If you are interested in participating on the Linkage Group please indicate your interest in the Sports, Recreation & Amenity Linkage Group by completing this registration form.

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* 2. Is your group/organisation a member of Galway City Community Network?

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* 4. Does you group/organisation intend to make a nomination to be the GCCN representative on Galway Sports Partnership

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* 6. I understand that by ticking the boxes below I am confirming that all the detail supplied are true to the best of my knowledge and I am authorized to join the Sports, Recreation & Amenity Linkage Group of Galway City Public Participation Network on behalf of my Group/Ourganisaiton

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