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Garnet A. Williams Community Centre Major Renovation
The Garnet A. Williams Community Centre has been serving the community since 1984 and has provided quality leisure programs and activities to local residents. The City of Vaughan is renovating the existing facility that will be better equipped to serve its users, community and staff. The project site is located at 501 Clark Avenue West in Thornhill, defined by York Hill Boulevard (west), Hilda Avenue (east), Clark Avenue (north) and the York Hill District Park (south).

Garnet A. Williams Community Centre Major Renovation will reinforce a culture of design excellence in re-developing spaces that responds to the needs of local users with strong consideration for functionality, accessibility, sustainable design, urban design, architectural design and improving the citizen experience.

The purpose of this survey is to collect high-level community feedback on the design and programming at the community centre, potential travel patterns to the new facilities, preferred indoor and outdoor activities, and more. You will also be asked a couple of questions about the York Hill District Park redevelopment, which was identified as a high priority for redevelopment in the 2018 Parks Redevelopment Strategy.

This survey will take approximately four minutes to complete. For more information about this project, please visit