Please note that the 2017 nomination form has been changed from previous versions. The AGC Board of Directors has voted to establish a basic eligibility requirement for all GAPY nominees. To be eligible for the 2017 GAPY Award, the nominated organization must have adopted out or facilitated the adoption of at least 36 greyhounds in the preceding calendar year (2016). The nomination form has been modified to reflect that new standard.

* 1. Please enter official name of nominated organization.

* 2. Please enter the full mailing address of nominated organization. If organization operates in multiple locations, please use the address of the headquarters or primary location.

* 3. Please enter the website URL of the nominated organization. If the organization does not have a website, enter "None."

* 4. Please enter the name, telephone number and email address of the key contact person for the nominated organization. PLEASE NOTE: If this information is not provided, the nomination will not quality for consideration.

* 5. Please enter name of person submitting nomination.

* 6. Please enter full mailing address of person submitting nomination.

* 7. Please provide email address of person submitting nomination.

* 8. Please enter telephone number with area code of person submitting nomination.

* 9. Is the person submitting this nomination affiliated with the organization being nominated?

* 10. How many greyhounds did the nominated organization adopt out in 2016? (Please note: to be eligible for the GAPY Award, nominees must have adopted out or facilitated adoption of at least 36 greyhounds during the most recent calendar year.)

* 11. Please tell us why you believe your nominated organization should win this award. What exceptional contributions has the organization made to greyhound adoption?