Introduction and Presenter Acceptance

The 2024 theme for Georgia Chapter of the Association for Learning Environments Summer Conference is “Ignite Your Passion”.  The theme speaks to the following:
We’re all connected in this industry by a commonality … students and setting them up for success through functional, effective, adaptive, and flexible spaces to learn. This is our collective passion.
Focus on your strengths. Do things that bring you joy.  The action seems effortless when you engage in your strengths.
We’re in the learning business. Whether the environments created, the end users, or our own careers, passion is infectious when shared and moves us all forward.
Use your passion to inspire others. After all, great leadership is about others, not about you. Be ready to turn your passion into an example to encourage those around you to pursue their own goals.
Our goal is to provide presentations that challenge the industry to provide facilities that will provide Georgia Schools with high performance facilities that will withstand the ever evolving education environment.

All presentations should focus on educating school facility representatives and other attendees on new technologies, updated processes and procedures, innovative strategies, etc. that support our stated theme.  We particularly encourage joint participation with school facility representatives where real-life strategies have been implemented.  We encourage school facility representatives with interesting challenges and stories to share them with their peers through presentations, as well.  Sessions should not have a commercial or sales-oriented focus.

Sessions will be sixty (60) minutes in length, with a balance of time for presentation and group discussion. AV equipment will be available, if requested. All presentations will be converted to PDF files and posted to the Georgia A4LE website. All proposals for consideration must be submitted on or before December 20th, 2023 at 5:00 PM.

Each speaker, including all co-speakers agree to the terms below when submitting a presentation. 

I will participate in this program and understand my submission indicates my commitment to participate, my permission for GA4LE and its agents to use my name and to reproduce and distribute all or selected portions of my presentation in printed, audio video or electronic format. I hereby waive all right of payment for this license. 

I understand that GA4LE will provide a projector, screen, microphone, and speakers for the room. I further understand that I am required to supply a copy of my presentation on a portable drive to the AV team prior to my presentation. Additional equipment needs must be submitted no later than June 8, 2024. GA4LE will make every effort to accommodate special requests; however, we do not guarantee it. 

Presentations for posting to the website and mobile app for attendees are due to no later than June 8, 2024 in PDF format.