The LMA Board is supporting activities to accelerate Internet Broadband around Lake Miltona.

*This survey is anonymous with only the Lake Miltona “area” designation being asked for.
*Most questions have an OTHER category for your usage.
*Most questions are multiple choice and you have to click on OK to advance to the next question.
*Be sure to click on DONE at the end of the survey!
*Thanks for you participation.

* 1. Please enter the lake locator area (up to two digits 1 - 19) around Lake Miltona that you reside in. Check the Lake Miltona Area Directory if unsure.

* 2. How long do you reside on Lake Miltona during a typical year?

* 3. What are your reason(s) for Internet service?

* 4. What devices do you (or would you) connect to your Internet service?

* 5. Who is your current Internet (not just telephone) provider(s)?

* 6. Your current Internet Connection Type(s) (if known)?

* 7. How much are you currently paying for your monthly Internet service?

* 8. How satisfied are you with your current Internet service? (up to 5 stars for highly satisfied)

* 9. Which, if any, are your Internet issues?

* 10. Would you consider signing a nonbinding "letter-of-support" to request improved Internet service in your area?

* 11. What else should we know about your Internet experience?

* 12. How could we improve this Internet survey for future use>