Become a Women’s Safety Charter participant

The Women’s Safety Charter brings organisations together to create safer places for women, girls and everyone in the multi-city region. Through the Charter, businesses, government agencies, peak groups and not-for-profit organisations can work together to improve the safety of women and girls in public places and make our cities more inclusive and welcoming for all.

Signing up

By completing this form you are signing up your organisation to be a participant of the Charter. To learn about the expectations of participants, read the Women’s Safety Charter Guide.

Participant organisations commit to upholding the principles and outcomes of the Charter, and to exploring how their organisation could make the most difference to women’s safety in the multi-city region.

It essential that your organisation's executive team approval is gained before submitting this form. Completing this form grants permission for the Greater Cities Commission to display your organisation's logo on the Charter webpage.

If you have any questions about the Charter or the sign-up process please email

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The Greater Cities Commission acknowledges the goodwill of those participants signing up to the Charter, however the Commission reserves the right to remove or exclude participants from involvement in the Charter at any time. The Commission does not have any responsibility for ensuring that participants uphold the principles and outcomes of the Charter, or the manner in which participants choose to deliver upon these principles and outcomes. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Commission disclaims any liability that may arise out of a participant signing or delivering upon the principles and outcomes in the Charter.