Each semester, the University Co-op allocates funds to registered student organizations to help with programs and events for the direct benefit of students at The University of Texas at Austin. The maximum amount an organization can request per semester is $1,250. The University Co-op funding and eligibility guidelines can be accessed here.

The University Co-op makes funding decisions through the Special Requests Committee that consists of University Co-op Board of Directors student board members. If you have any questions, contact the University Co-op Executive Office at 512-322-7071 or exec@universitycoop.com. 

The deadline to apply for funding is January 19th.

* 1. Registered Student Organization Name:

* 2. Contact person name:

* 3. Contact email

* 4. Contact Phone Number:

* 5. Tell us a little about your organization (background, purpose, membership, etc.)

* 6. What is the event name?

* 7. What are the goals and purpose of the event or program:

* 8. Type of event

* 9. Location of event:

* 10. Date of event

Date / Time

* 11. Goals/Purpose of event/program:

* 12. Who is your target audience?

* 13. Where has the event been held in the past?

* 14. What has been the past attendance of your event? Please provide size and audience breakdown.

* 15. How was this event funded in the past?

* 16. In the past 3 years, have you received funding from the University Co-op?

* 17. What is the total budget for the event?

* 18. Amount requested from the Co-op:

* 19. Venue fees (rental, equipment, security, etc.)

* 20. Publicity fees (banners, posters, flyers, advertising, etc.)

* 21. Food, drink, and refreshment cost:

* 22. Supplies, decoration, printing and production expenses:

* 23. Co-op gift cards:

* 24. Event T-shirt cost:

* 25. Other expenses:

* 26. If you entered an amount for "Other" in the previous question, please explain:

* 27. Is your organization interested in social media engagement including Co-op sponsored Snapchat filters, social media takeovers, etc. during your event or project?

* 28. How will the Co-op be recognized for its contribution?