Survey Introduction

Design education is being upended by challenges to traditional approaches and by calls for new methodologies. A better understanding of the changing dynamics in global design education is needed.

The first approach DMI took to understand the changing dynamics was to facilitate a meeting of stakeholders. The first dmi:FuturED symposium held in 2013, brought together a group of diverse design and innovation practitioners, educators and students. Primary research and a series of facilitated conversations were held with the intent to discuss ways to bring about desired educational outcomes that meet the changing needs of today’s design managers. Since then, DMI has hosted meetings in Berlin, Boston and Amsterdam to include a global diversity of voices and experiences.

Next, DMI recognized the opportunity to facilitate a global survey of 3 aspects of future design education: 

– Critical design skills & mindsets
– Educational environments
– Learning methodologies

This DMI FuturED Survey Project will audit design and innovation practitioners, educators, and students to capture global trend data to share back with the DMI community.

Thank you for participating in the FuturED Survey Project, your insights are very important.
14% of survey complete.