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Welcome to the Fulton County Survey on Agriculture and Agri-tourism

Fulton County is working to revise and update its County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan.  As part of this effort, we are reaching out to residents, visitors, and seasonal homeowners to understand diverse interests and perspectives on agriculture and identify key issues, challenges, and opportunities to enhance agriculture in Fulton County.    
We hope you will share your thoughts with us by participating in the following survey, which will take less than 10 minutes to complete.  All responses will remain anonymous. We welcome your input and thank you in advance for contributing to this very important effort. Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.
Several questions in this survey refer to agri-tourism. Agri-tourism is a form of commercial enterprise that links agricultural production and/or processing with tourism to attract visitors to a farm, orchard, or other agricultural business.  Agri-tourism activities provide recreation, entertainment, and/or educational experiences to visitors while generating income for the agricultural business owner.

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