The City of Fulshear is in the process of developing a Livable Center Study.  The Livable Center Study focuses on a targeted area (see map below) to develop an implementation-oriented plan to encourage development activity in downtown, provide opportunities for economic growth, and create pedestrian and vehicular connections throughout the study area.

The following community survey has been developed to obtain feedback from citizens and stakeholders; those who live, work and conduct business within Fulshear and in the study area concerning opportunities and issues.  When responding to the questions below, please respond in terms of the study area, rather than city-wide.  The information collected from this survey will aid the planning team in becoming familiar with existing conditions and provide guidance to the plan’s recommendations.  This survey is voluntary, and all information recorded will be kept anonymous. No record of individual responses will be transferred or implied.  Your input is vital and greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
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