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Over the next year, Franklin Township will be developing its new Comprehensive Plan. This is a Plan developed by the community, for the community.
A Comprehensive Plan serves as a community’s vision for its future and establishes recommendations to preserve, enhance, and improve the quality of life in the Township. The Plan relies on community input to develop the Township future vision, planning goals, and implementing recommendations.

Your involvement is essential for developing the future Township vision, planning policies, and strategies.
This survey is being conducted to get your input on planning issues and priorities. The Township’s Comprehensive Plan Task Force, with technical assistance from Chester County Planning Commission, is guiding this effort, and wants to know what you value about your Township, where enhancements or improvements are needed, and your input on managing and balancing future land uses, historic and natural resources, agriculture, transportation, services, and other items. The results of this survey will be a key factor in shaping Plan priorities and actions.  Survey results will be posted on the Township website.

                                                 Thank you for participating…your voice counts!

The survey is anonymous and requires no name or address. Your concerns and opinions on planning issues are what is important.

Please consider completing all survey questions, however if you leave some questions unanswered, a partially completed survey is still helpful for this planning effort.

For questions about this survey or the Comprehensive Plan, please contact Joan McVaugh, Township Manager at 610-255-5212 or

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