Rooted in 11 months of community engagement, more than 4,500 completed surveys, and hundreds of written comments, this draft plan is a direct result of feedback from the community, local collaborators and subject matter experts regarding the park's use, design, and amenities.  Preservation of the park’s tree canopy, open green space, and historic integrity are top priorities and have guided every step of the process.

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 Feedback From the Community   Enhancements Requested by the Community 
  •  Protect, preserve, and plan for the future of the tree canopy
  • Maintain as much open green space as possible
  • Retain and restore historic integrity
  • Keep the Rotary playground in the same location
  • Keep the amount and location of parking the same
  • Do not pursue major design changes such as arching path and sidewalks flanking central spine
  •  Bathrooms including appropriate security and maintenance
  • Dedicated bike and pedestrian lanes
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Family-friendly spaces and activities, gathering areas, and seating throughout park
  • Playground with water play; Rotary playground remains in place
  • Stormwater gardens to improve drainage
  • Children’s garden near the center of the park
  • Traffic calming measures to improve access into park
  • New monument
  • Enhanced landscaping
  • Improved amenities such as more drinking fountains, trash and recycling bins, bike racks
  • Improved basketball and tennis courts
  • Restored Fragrant Garden with ADA access and extended hours

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