About this survey

Fitzgibbon Hospital's mission is "To Improve the Health of Our Community." While we strive to meet our mission in
everything we do, we are actively seeking your thoughts and opinions regarding the health needs of our community, the impact of programs undertaken by Fitzgibbon Hospital and feedback about how we can best improve the health of the populations we serve.
In the Community Health Needs Assessment published in April of 2016, the three most-pressing health needs in our community were identified as:
1) Obesity and related chronic diseases of diabetes and high blood pressure
2) Preventive care and wellness
3) Health Literacy Improvement and Early Health Education
Since May 2013, Fitzgibbon Hospital has launched a series of efforts to educate our community and impact these issues. Please provide your answers to the questions, below. This survey is being conducted by Fitzgibbon Hospital, in cooperation with community stakeholders, to assess health needs in our community. Responses will remain confidential but may be used in important planning for future programs and services.