This is the new version of Felt Classic - for any earthquake including aftershocks

We ask you to contribute to GNS Science research by filling in the following earthquake survey. Your valuable insights would help us to better estimate the shaking intensity caused by this earthquake, and to better understand the effects of future major earthquakes in New Zealand. All replies will be confidential, and we will only report on general trends. Filling in the questionnaire implies that you are consenting to participate. The data collected from this survey will be accessed by the researchers only.The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete and we would greatly appreciate your help.

Please describe your experiences of this earthquake. If you want to report issues with the form or have questions about the study, please email

There is no obligation to answer any of these questions but it would be of value to our research if you could answer them all or at the least answer the questions highlighted in red.

This project has been evaluated by peer review through Massey University, and judged to be low risk. Consequently, it has not been reviewed by one of the University’s Human Ethics Committees. The researchers named above are responsible for the ethical conduct of this research. 

 If you have any concerns about the conduct of this research that you wish to raise with someone other than the researchers, please contact Professor Craig Johnson, Director (Research Ethics), email

Need to Talk? If you would like support or advice, have feelings of anxiety, stress, prolonged fear, hopelessness or anger, or if you just need to talk with someone. Please text or phone 1737 to speak to a trained counsellor in the National Telehealth Service. Its free to call or text.

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* 1. Details of this earthquake: we only need the Public ID (from Geonet website Quake details, in the technical menu; this is a number starting with the year, an example is 2020p123456; if you provide this there is no need to fill in the rest of this question):

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* 2. What was the address of the location where you were when the earthquake occurred?

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* 3. At the time of the earthquake were you:

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* 4. What were you doing when the earthquake occurred?

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* 5. Did you feel this Earthquake?