February 24 2018 Troop Committee Training

This is a "sign up survey" for Troop Committee Training, on Saturday, February 24 (2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.) at the Woodward Academy Middle School, presented by the Southern Crescent District. The Middle School is at 1655 Hardin Avenue, but the Cafeteria is "behind" the main building -- the entrance is "in the courtyard" -- if you enter 3463 Jackson St, College Park, GA 30337, you'll be even closer to the building and parking, but you really have to go "around in the courtyard". This is one block north of Virginia Avenue, about 3 or 4 blocks East of Main Street in College Park.   Free.

This is being held during the War Eagle Merit Badge Day that is listed on http://www.meritbadge.info.

* 1. First . . .

* 2. My Troop leadership role is (select all that apply):

* 3. Have you participated in a live Scout Leader training course for Boy Scout Troops before?

* 4. To help us plan, tell us some more information about your Troop, its Scouts, and its Leadership.

First . . . how big is your Troop (or how big do you think it will be this year)?

* 5. Are there others you know of (in your unit or otherwise) who would be interested in attending a Boy Scout Leader Training class that we should contact?

* 6. Thank you for your responses. Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments about our Training -- like whether you have specific topics, questions or issues you would like to see covered in this class? -- put them below, or email training@southfultonscouting.com
with your comments.