Hello! We are entering a new era for our Fairgrounds one in which we have the opportunity to listen to our community, understand what this special place means to them, and map out a future for the property that will serve the needs of both those who love it and those yet to discover it. And we want to hear from you!  
This survey is designed to help us understand: 
  • Diverse perspectives about the future of the Fairgrounds property
  • The experiences, activities, resources, and places our community enjoys now and in the past on the site
  • Scenarios for the types of experiences, activities, resources, and places our community imagines for the site in the future  
We will share the survey results and a summary with our City Council and the Fairgrounds Advisory Panel. The results will help inform the process of the lottery-selected Petaluma Fairgrounds Advisory Panel as they discuss the future of this beloved property.

Curious about the panel and committee mentioned above?
Visit www.cityofpetaluma.org/fairgrounds to learn more.

This survey should take about 5 minutes to complete and will remain open until June 8, 2022 at 11:59 PM

Thank you for helping us better understand what the Fairgrounds means to our community!