School Administrators and Faculty Members,
Please take 5 minutes to complete this Needs Assessment Survey. We appreciate your input and thank you for your time. Choose the answer that best describes your beliefs or feelings.

2. How long have you been in education?

3. How long have you taught at this school?

4. In my school, additional support and instructional time is provided to students who need more help.

5. In my school, students’ assessments results are used to focus and improve instructional programs.

6. My school provides a variety of ways for parents to become involved at school.

7. Administrators in my school act with Integrity and fairness.

8. The school administrators are often seen around the school talking with students and faculty.

9. Faculty meetings in our school are frequent and productive.

10. Staff members and parents work together to improve school.

11. Staff development is frequent, on-going, and job-embedded.

12. The School Leadership Team provides the faculty with discipline data summaries to guide decisions regarding discipline and the behavioral support plan.

13. There is consistency among all faculty and administrators in the implementation of discipline procedures.

14. Staff development at my school is focused on identified school needs.

15. My school invites parents to participate in important decisions about their children’s education.

16. Teachers and administrators engage in collaborative decision-making.

17. Teachers meet regularly to collaboratively develop/revise lesson plans and to review student work.