MYLove Staff Self Assessment

Love is an expression from OFB staff, clients, and community, including our donors, of compassionate, equitable care for each other, indicated by a shared set of values and responsibility for co-creating a better world.

In Oregon Food Bank’s philanthropic resource development practices and policy, we will dismantle white supremacy; decolonize the profession; and eschew the harms of exploitative and extractive capitalism (on our staff and donors) by centering performance evaluation metrics in love, rather than money. 

Four Core Tenets of How Love Shows Up:

1.  Self-love: How Community Philanthropy staff see themselves and their work to transform philanthropy

2.  Love Others: How Community Philanthropy staff see each other as well as supporters

3.  Love in Community: How Community Philanthropy staff see OFB, and how OFB sees the Community Philanthropy staff (community = OFB in this sense)

4.  Love as Power: How OFB shows up in Oregon with love that’s fused with (advocacy and organizing) power, and how the community (including donors and constituents) loves OFB in return with its (advocacy and organizing and monetary) power.

This assessment tool’s purpose is to:

1.  Further self-reflection for personal and professional growth;

2.  Generate data to illuminate where our ToC is on point and where it might need to be adapted, including how our internal systems work, and

3.  To hold ourselves accountable to our goals.

Outcomes from using this tool are expected to:

1.  Strengthen staff’s practice of love in doing our development work;

2.  Help us see where we need to make strategic interventions in the work, and

3.  Hold us accountable and help us learn as we lean into the big stake that we’ve laid out.
20% of survey complete.