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Dear Industrialist,

The Association of Lebanese Industrialists ALI, in partnership with the International Labor Organization is inviting you to take part in this online survey to assess the type of labour required in your enterprise/establishment and the skills that are on demand.
The objective of the survey is to understand labour demand conditions in multiple sectors as well as the employment challenges therein, in order to provide the proper support. We expect this effort will contribute to a labour market information system to enable better matching of labour demand and supply, and mitigate the challenges that arise from this mismatch on both the demand and supply sides.
Your participation in this survey is of the utmost importance not only for improving the competences and qualifications of the workforce in your sector and in general in Lebanon, but also for the benefit of your enterprise/establishment. Through your inputs we expect to gain a better insight into employment opportunities in these sectors, as well as the occupations and skills required. This information will be used to inform job seekers of the opportunities available and guide training providers to adapt their training programmes to better respond to your needs.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: “The collected information in this study is for publishing aggregated tables. Your response will be compiled with other responses and then analyzed as a group. Individual information will remain confidential.”
7% of survey complete.