BuiltWorlds 2024 Field Solutions Benchmarking Survey

Thank you for participating in BuiltWorlds’ Benchmarking Program. The purpose of this survey is to gather information on the primary field solutions that companies are using in the AEC industry.

Categories within this survey include:
  • Workforce Management
  • Site Logistics/Site Management
  • Site Capture Software
  • Reality Capture Technology
  • Site Safety Technology

The estimated completion time for this survey is 15 minutes. Please note that all responses will be kept strictly confidential and reported in aggregate only.
Benefits of Participation 

BuiltWorlds Members: All BuiltWorlds members who complete the 2024 Field Solutions Survey are eligible to receive a Tech Assessment Report, which plots participants' responses against industry averages.

Non-Members of BuiltWorlds: Organizations that are not members of BuiltWorlds are eligible to receive one Tech Assessment Report for their first survey completion only, after which they must join to access future reports and assessments. These reports benchmark your company's technology use/adoption relative to the broader industry. Please contact to request an example of a tech assessment report.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact 
3% of survey complete.