Southwest Region School District realizes the importance that parents play in their child's education. SWRSD is working on increasing collaboration with parents as educational programs continue to progress and develop.  This survey will provide critical information for educational programs, parent participation, and supporting learning at home.

There are a variety of methods for which parents can provide feedback and/or ask questions about educational programs.  These methods include:
  • The public comment time at SWRSD School Board meetings (contact Barbara Andrew at bandrew@swrsd.org or 907 842 5287 to be put on the agenda)
  • The public comment time at local CSC meetings (contact your local principal)
  • Participate and complete survey forms
  • Participate in the parent advisory committee (contact Jon Clouse at jclouse@swrsd.org or 907 842 5287 if interested)
  • Provide comment to the district at feedback@swrsd.org
In addition, information regarding equal participation in educational programs for Alaska Native/American Indian students compared to other students, will be presented at a School Board meeting this fall.


Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated!

Question Title

* 1. Would you be interested in serving as a Parent Advisory Committee member?

This would be a commitment to attending two meetings each year with the purpose of review educational programs, district policies, and providing feedback. You would need to review information before the meetings.

Question Title

* 2. What do you feel are the main needs of your child(ren)?

Question Title

* 3. What educational programs are working well for your child?

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* 4. What educational programs are NOT working well for your child?

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* 5. How well do the activities offered at your child's school match his or her interests?

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* 6. What information, strategies, or activities can the district implement to help you support your child's education at home?

Examples including strategies to support reading, homework help, parenting tips, cultural activities, etc?