Wasco County Comprehensive Plan Update

The Wasco County Planning Department is currently in the initial stages of a Comprehensive Plan update.  The Comprehensive Plan is a long range vision document helping to guide development for the County for the next 20 years. The current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 1983, and although some changes have been made, it is by in large 30+ years old.

The new Comprehensive Plan will identify key policies and implementation strategies, in keeping with state land use planning goal requirements, to help us realize a community vision of future Wasco County.  Your participation helps us get closer to that vision, and will be used to inform priority projects/research/and outreach.

* 1. Are you a resident of Wasco County?

* 2. Please select your age range

* 3. What is your primary source for news about community events, meetings, etc?

* 4. When I think of the future of Wasco County its mostly

* 5. Would you encourage or discourage the following land uses in Wasco County?  This is for areas outside incorporated communities.  Incorporated communities include Antelope, The Dalles, Dufur, Maupin, Mosier and Shaniko.

  Encourage Discourage Neutral
Residential - single family homes
Residential - multiple unit family homes (townhouses, apartment buildings)
Residential - alternative housing types (tiny homes, mother in law suites)
Senior/assisted living housing 
Small scale agriculture (niche or specialty farms)
Large scale agriculture
Agricultural tourism (Farms with tourist component)
Agriculture secondary processing/industrial (crop to oil, crop to food, etc)
Public outdoor recreation sites/attractions
Public recreation camping/lodging
Private recreation camping/lodging
Home based businesses
Commercial renewable energy facilities (wind farms, solar farms)
Rural commercial (rural stores and businesses)
Rural industrial 

* 6. Can you think of other land uses you would like to encourage or discourage in Wasco County?

* 7. Please indicate how important the following is when considering housing/residential development (not important, somewhat important, important, very important).

  Not Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important I don't know/I don't care
Rural character
Proximity to shops
Proximity to public facilities (schools, parks)
Proximity to medical services
Proximity to employment
Accessibility of technology networks (mobile, cable, etc)
Ability for alternative housing types (tiny homes, in home care, RV living, seasonal living)

* 8. When I think about Wasco County's future what most concerns me is....(pick top answer only)

* 9. Do you think agricultural tourism would be positive or negative for Wasco County?  Agricultural tourism is most broadly an agricultural operation or activity that brings visitors to the farm or ranch. This could be, for instance, visiting farm stands or tasting rooms, farm stays, u-pick, farm to table dinners, or harvest festivals.

* 10. What do you think is important for Wasco County to consider when crafting a long range planning vision?