* 1. Rate your overall satisfaction with the  SEPTLA Spring 2018 Meeting.

* 2. Rate your satisfaction with each session during the meeting:

  Very dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neither dissatisfied or satisfied Satisfied Very satisfied N/A
Morning refreshments
EBSCO presentations
Cataloging and Metadata Interest Group meeting
Research Services Interest Group meeting
Conversation with the Resource Sharing Task Force
Business Meeting
Afternoon refreshments
JSTOR Forum demonstration

* 3. Do you have an idea or topic to recommend to the Continuing Education Committee about future professional development workshops or SEPTLA events? Please describe them below.

* 4. Would you be interested in attending one of the following virtual meetings? Check all that apply.

* 5. Do you know of a library or librarian who would benefit from SEPTLA membership? Share their name and contact information here so we may reach out to them.

* 6. The most recent issue of TeamWork (Volume 35 Issue 1) is available on our website and was distributed via the SEPTLA listserv. What is your level of satisfaction with this mode of publication and delivery?

* 7. SEPTLA's Executive Committee is considering adding services that may have a cost impact (e.g., video conferencing for meetings, special events, additional scholarships). What would be the impact of a dues increase to $100/year on your library's budget?

* 8. We are considering designing and printing new bookmarks. A few options are described below. Please rank them in order of preference.