The AICPA & CIMA and CPA Practice Advisor magazine are looking for outstanding women leaders who continue to make their mark on the accounting profession inside and outside of their workplaces.

Please use this form to nominate women/peers who you feel are having the greatest impact on the accounting profession during the 2022 calendar year.  
The ideal candidates for the  Most Powerful Women in AccountingAwards will demonstrate the following traits: 
1. She has been playing an active role in innovation and excellence within her organization, and that role is carrying over to the accounting profession at large. Examples include creating and/or overseeing new programs for modernization, enhancing productivity, improving profitability.  
2. She is one of the top leaders in the accounting profession or in an organization that serves the accounting profession, and her leadership has had a demonstrable effect upon the accomplishments of the organization during the past year.

3. She is a mentor, a sponsor and/or a role model, and someone who stands out in her ability to encourage and help those around her thrive and flourish. This includes attention to inclusivity, and supporting and inspiring others within the profession.
4. She contributes to the future of the profession, is influential, and has a positive impact on the accounting profession as a whole. She is visible within the profession, through writing, speaking, educating, and any other ways of extending herself beyond her own organization.
5. She represents the accounting profession outside of her day-to-day job through participation in her community and outside organizations.
When is the deadline for submitting my nomination(s)? 
Award nominations will be accepted through January 15, 2023
The winners will be selected by an independent panel of judges chosen by the AICPA & CIMA and CPA Practice Advisor
* Employees of the AICPA, CPA Practice Advisor, and state CPA societies are not eligible for nomination. 

* One nomination per person please. Multiple nominations for the same woman do not impact the likelihood of selection so please only include one. 

If you have any technical questions regarding the nomination process, please contact Mandy Gallagher, Lead Manager, Women's Initiatives, at 

NOTE: The 25 women who are selected are encouraged to attend our awards gala that is taking place June 5-9 in Las Vegas, NV at the Aria hotel to accept their award. They will also be asked to participate in a video that will be aired on AICPA & CIMA social media and CPA Practice Advisor. They will also be asked to contribute to a CPA Practice Advisor article.  

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* 1. Name of woman you are nominating (Please make them aware of this nomination as we will be contacting them directly for an opportunity to provide additional information.)

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* 3. Title of woman being nominated

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* 5. Please summarize (through bullet points or a short paragraph) the impact this woman has made in the calendar year 2022 addressing the five criteria listed previously (1. innovation and excellence; 2. leadership; 3. mentor/role model; 4. influences the accounting profession; and 5. community outreach). Maximum 200 words in total.