Notes about the Mentor Application

Thank you for your interest in being an FWE Mentor. The next round of mentorship will start in Spring 2019 (as early as late February to get working with a Mentee and as late as early May) and our Mentor Program Manager will be reaching out before then to discuss your background + mentorship preferences.

The information collected will be reviewed by the FWE Mentor Program. To successfully find you a match, FWE will disclose relevant information from this form to potential Mentees to better understand if there is a fit. We will balance your areas of interest and strengths to the needs of Mentees. Therefore, we may not have a match for you this year, as we want to make sure that the pairings make sense for both parties.

PLEASE NOTE: Survey Monkey does not allow you to save your application and come back to it later. This application will take approx. 5 minutes (or less if you're speedy!) to fill out.

If you have any questions about the Mentor Program or the application, please contact the FWE team at 604-682-8115.

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* 1. Before completing the application, please take a minute to answer:

I consent to the FWE collecting, using and disclosing the information in this Application Form and in any documents I give to the FWE in connection with this Application form for the purpose of considering my participation in the Mentor Program, and if my application is approved for the purposes of: (a) including my personal information in the FWE's mentorship directory, (b) sending me notices and other correspondence, (c) managing my participation in the Mentor Program, and (d) for the other purposes described in the FWE's Privacy Policy which I have read and understood.

The FWE Privacy Policy is available on the website:

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* 2. By completing this application, you agree to committing to the following:
  1. Meeting with my mentee once a month for one hour (in person, by phone or Skype);
  2. Allowing my mentee to schedule monthly meetings up to 3 months in advance;
  3. Contacting FWE staff if I have any concerns with my mentor relationship;
  4. (Optional) Attend FWE Mentor Program events (Launch Event, etc.), which will be advertised to all program participants;
  5. Providing feedback via regular email surveys.

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* 3. By completing this application, you confirm that:
  1. Any biographical information you have provided FWE is true.
  2. As a mentor you are providing feedback, perspective and ideas to help female entrepreneur(s) or key decision maker(s) within an entrepreneurial organization to grow and/or improve their business.
  3. You understand that mentees have been told not to request proprietary information of my or others’ business, nor any information/plans/strategies of how you or others have run your/their business(es), but that you are free to volunteer any of your own information, if you so choose.
  4. Your are not providing your mentee with information about your services with the intention of making a sale.
  5. Though your mentee is responsible for scheduling your meetings in respect of your time and providing you in advance with any documents she would like you to review at our meeting – you commit to being available for meetings and accommodating the scheduling process.
  6. You understand that if at any time you are unable to continue with your mentor relationship or have concerns around this relationship you will inform FWE before reaching out to your mentee.

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* 4. Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement:

You understand that any information encountered during the course of discussions with your Mentee, including but not limited to financial information, customer lists or information, or project designs is considered confidential proprietary information of the mentee, and as such, you agree, are trade secrets.

You will not at any time, either during communications, discussion or planning thereafter, divulge, furnish, or make available either directly or indirectly, to any other person, firm, corporation, or other entity, any proprietary information provided by your Mentee and their company(ies). You agree that all such matters and information shall be kept strictly and absolutely confidential.

If you understand and agree to the terms listed above, please enter your intials in the text box below.