OInformation about SOLACE and the survey

SOLACE is a 36-month project funded by the EU under the EU4Health programme and coordinated by the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR). The SOLACE project assesses the current state of play, needs and best practice of Lung Cancer Screening (LCS) in EU member states and produces a comprehensive guideline and implementation package. SOLACE aims at developing, testing and disseminating tools to help overcome identified bottlenecks and specifically addresses the health inequalities in different European countries. It will provide a toolbox for individualised approaches for lung cancer screening on a national or regional level.
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An important aspect of the project is the creation and organisation of semi-structured interviews and rolling out an online survey in all member states and other EEA countries. The primary objective of this survey is to gather comprehensive data on the current status of LCS in each member state, as well as conduct a detailed needs and gap analysis.
This survey is targeted at health professionals and other relevant stakeholders and takes about 9 minutes to complete. 
Your survey responses are saved only after each page is completed by clicking 'next' (not after each question is filled in). You may complete the SOLACE survey intermittently, as long as you use the same computer (IP address) and internet browser. However, once the survey is submitted, you are no longer able to go back and change answers.

This survey is anonymous.

Kindly be aware that we need all responses to be submitted by October 2.