Survey Introduction

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The Elwood Board of Education and administrative team are seeking community input regarding the future of our school district and its ongoing discussion about a possible capital project bond referendum in November 2017.

The district’s Facilities Committee, comprised of community members, staff and administrators, has spent the past year researching districtwide building and facility needs, based on the district's most recent Building Conditions Survey that was conducted. Taking these findings into account, the Board is now exploring the feasibility of addressing a number of facility improvements through a capital improvement bond referendum.

At this time, the list of projects to be included in the referendum is still being determined; however, it is known that the proposed plan will likely reflect basic health and safety upgrades to building infrastructure (such repair/replacement of roofs, building sidewalks/masonry and windows), as well as educational enhancements to all buildings throughout the district. Overall, these improvements total approximately $25-$30 million.

The committee is also exploring the option of installing air conditioning in all classrooms throughout the district, as well as installing a synthetic turf field at the high school. We have estimated that the cost to install air conditioning throughout the district would be approximately $5 million and the cost to install a synthetic turf field would be approximately $3.61 million (this includes the synthetic turf field and replacing the existing press box and score board).

The district is eligible to receive approximately 65% in New York State building aid, which would reduce the tax impact of the project to community residents. In addition, the district is trying to further mitigate the cost impact by timing the project so that the new debt created by the bond would essentially "replace" expiring debt. For a $25-$30 million improvement plan (without the addition of a synthetic turf field or air conditioning), this would result in a minimal tax increase to the average homeowner.

The Board of Education thanks you in advance for taking the following brief survey. Responses will be accepted until April 14, 2017.