3rd Cycle in the Arts

Dear colleague,

Our ambition is to enable all countries signed up to the Bologna Declaration to be able to independently enter into the 3rd Cycle level with an award recognised at the same level of, and equivalent to, PhD.

By taking the time to complete this survey you will be assisting us in the further development of www.3rdcycleinthearts.eu, a comprehensive global resource that is a shared online repository of different models, practices and approaches to doctoral research across the creative disciplines

We understand this is an extensive survey, which will take some of your time. But since our aim is to build a database of value for the sector, we hope you are willing to fill in as much as is applicable to your institution. You can always return to the survey to pick up where you left off. As long as you use the same device and web browser, the survey will remember your previous answers.
Please note: In using the term ‘arts’ we are referring to research in Fine Art, Design, Performing Arts, Media, Film, Architecture etc. (but not the humanities subjects). Also in this context research (artistic research) is inclusive of: practice- based; practice-led; collaborative; thesis; placement; portfolio; enterprise; knowledge-transfer consultancy; patents etc.

As this survey goes out to all European countries, America, Australia and beyond, we understand that the terminology used in this survey might differ from that used in your country or in your institution. This survey is not about compliancy to any existing model, but seeks to understand how research in the arts works in your institution.

Professor Henry Rogers - Glasgow School of Art
on behalf of the Creator Doctus Consortium.

For more information about the survey and for more information on the Creator Doctus project please contact info@creatordoctus.eu

The Creator Doctus Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.