About FUSE 2016

FUSE 2019Melbourne | 15-17 April
FUSE is a three day summit that brings together young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds from across Australia to build their leadership, advocacy and community organising skills.

We are looking for young people who have some experience in leadership, advocacy and related activities or who are looking for an opportunity to build these skills. 
Are you?
  1. Aged between 18 and 25
  2. From a refugee or migrant background
  3. Available to travel to Melbourne on 14 April 2019 and depart no earlier than 17 April 2019
  4. Able to articulate issues of concern to refugee and migrant groups, with a particular focus on youth and adolescents
  5. Experienced and/or keenly interested in leadership, advocacy, and community organising
  6. Committed to addressing issues faced by multicultural young people
  7. Willing to develop and learn new skills and apply these in local context
  8. Clear on the key issues that I would like to advocate for at the summit
Applications CLOSE 6 January 2019 at midnight (AEST)

Late applications may not be accepted. (Note: MYAN Australia does not accept any responsibility for technical issues or other circumstances affecting your ability to meet this deadline. It is your responsibility to ensure that your application has been received.) 

For more information please visit our FUSE 2019 web page.
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