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If you are the parent/guardian of a K-12 student with disabilities and/or complex learning needs in BC, fill this form out THE FIRST TIME IN 2023-24 that your child or youth is excluded from their education.  Exclusion is defined by you and your child/youth, and is not limited to not being present at school. Exclusions may include being left out of a field trip, extracurriculars, etc. There is a guiding question to help you.

There is also a 3 question section for student feedback we would like to encourage you to offer to your child/youth if they wish to share.

IF THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME FILLING OUT THE SURVEY THIS YEAR, USE THE REPEAT SURVEY, located on the BCEdAccess Exclusion Tracker web page. Ensure you enter the same email address you used for the first survey entry. This way you can skip all of the demographic questions and fill out the report much faster.

If you are unsure of how to answer any of the questions, please feel free to make use of the short answer spaces throughout the survey.

This survey is for parents and guardians of K-12 students with disabilities and/or complex learners in the British Columbia education system. This survey is intended to collect initial details and if there are repeated instances to report again, use the REPEAT SURVEY on a continuous basis, as often as necessary through the 2023-24 school year, to document *exclusions of students and to encourage the province and school districts to track and examine their own data on exclusions, in order to find the best solutions to this global issue.

This is our 6th school year tracking exclusions. Some options have been modified year to year to reflect common responses.

*Exclusion is, under the School Act, actually frequently a suspension and the rules that govern this should be laid out in School Board policy in your District or Independent School Authority. Ask your school, the District or Authority why your child has been suspended, and ask them to document it in writing.

The data and information collected here will be used to create one or several reports which may be for the full year or snapshots of the data over time. It will be used to highlight some of the issues and practices that may lead to student exclusion, from the perspective of their parents, guardians and caregivers, and the students themselves. The reports will be shared with School Boards, the Ministry of Education, and media.

Your email address will be collected as a method of validating your identity as a human and an individual, but will not be linked to the data when shared in the report. You will not be added to any mailing lists unless you opt in to the BCEdAccess mailing list, and your contact information will not be shared in any way. All emails except those who opted in to the mailing list will be deleted from any records we may have upon publishing of the survey report. Individual responses will not be given to any third party. Text responses may be shared in the report as standalone quotes if identifying information is not contained within them.

WHO IS BCEdAccess?
BCEdAccess, as an organization of parents and guardians of children and youth with disabilities and/or complex learning needs in British Columbia, supports the rights of children and youth with disabilities and/or complex learning needs to achieve equitable access to a quality education in accordance with international human rights law, and full inclusion and participation in their schools and communities.

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* 1. Send me reports from this survey and information from BCEdAccess

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* 2. What is your email address? (if you return to do a second report on the SHORT/REPEAT survey, please use the same email)

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* 5. Did you fill out the Exclusion Tracker in previous years?

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* 7. Date of Exclusion -(This tracking form is for incidents during the 2023 -24 school year - please choose the approximate date exclusion started if reporting multiple days)


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* 9. Was the exclusion just today, or multiple days? If so, how many? (Please take note of holidays or Pro-D days)

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* 11. Please share the reason you were given for the exclusion by the school or district.

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* 12. Was the child/youth's usual support personnel absent?

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* 14. Was your child/youth physically restrained? (these are the full Ministry of Education and Child Care definitions)

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* 15. Do you need advocacy support? If "yes", your responses here will be shared with Inclusion BC so that they can contact you.

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* 16. If you would like advocacy support, please include your name and best phone number to reach you. (Optional) 

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* 17. Is there anything else about the Exclusion that you would like to include?

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