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Food Well Alliance and the Atlanta Regional Commission will be working over the next year to develop a City Agriculture Plan with the City of Austell. We want to incorporate as many community voices as possible into this planning process. This is an opportunity to tell us about your experience with accessing and growing local food as an Austell resident.

This survey will take about 10 minutes and your response will remain anonymous. We will use feedback from this survey to make strategic recommendations for City policy and community programs to increase access to local food and support the farmers, gardeners, local businesses, and residents of Austell.

What is a City Agriculture Plan?
  • A City Agriculture Plan is a set of policy and program recommendations for a city to build a vibrant and sustainable local food system over the next 5-10 years. It builds on residents’ priorities to suggest new city policies and community programs. It aims to increase access to community resources for buying and growing local food.
What do we mean by “local food system”?
  • The local food system is the network of farmers, gardeners, food processors and distributors, and consumers in and around your community. Strengthening the local food system brings food producers and consumers closer by reducing the food transportation miles and processing needs as well as deepening relationships.

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* 1. How important is accessing local food to you?

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* 2. How often do you interact with the local food system within your city? For example - the farmers and gardeners, food processors and distributors, or local food stores in and around your community.

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* 3. To your knowledge, what kind of local food initiatives are currently available in Austell? (check all that apply)

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