* 1. Your Name:

* 2. Your District:

* 3. Your Role:

* 4. Section 1.4 of the TAM provides roles and responsibilities. In the chart below, indicate which responsibility belongs to which role, the District Test Coordinator (DTC), School Test Coordinator (STC), Test Administrator (TA), or Regional ESD Partner (ESD). Some responsibilities may fall under more than one role.

Help desk style services for assessment and data collection questions
Investigating any potential test irregularities or improprieties
Monitoring testing progress during the testing window and ensuring that all students participate, as appropriate
Viewing student information prior to testing to ensure the right student is getting the right test with the correct supports
Working with technology staff to ensure that necessary secure browsers are installed and any other technical issues are resolved

* 5. Section 1.5 of the TAM provides a definition of a Test Administrator. Based on this definition, select all of the roles below that would require TA training.

* 6. Section 1.5 of the Test Administration Manual identifies the training requirements for locally training School Test Coordinators (STCs) and Test Administrators (TAs). Select all of the resources listed below that are required to be reviewed.

* 7. Which of the scenarios below would it be appropriate to use the Restrict Students feature of TIDE? Select all that apply.

* 9. Section 3.1 includes a definition of student coaching.  From the scenarios below, select all that qualify as student coaching and must be reported as a test impropriety.

* 10. Sections 3.1 and 3.2 identify examples of adult- and student-initiated test improprieties. From the scenarios below, select all that must be reported as a test impropriety.

* 11. Who is more likely to initiate a testing impropriety?

* 12. Section 3.6 describes the process for reporting test improprieties. Identify which of the elements below need to be included in the report.

* 13. Fill in the blank:
Section 5.2 of the Test Administration Manual states that for Smarter Balanced testing, school-level test windows must not begin until at least ________ of a school’s annual instructional days have been completed.

* 14. School districts are responsible for ensuring that all students enrolled on the first school day in May have tested, regardless of the school-level test window.

* 15. Section 5.3 of the Test Administration Manual addresses the requirements regarding parent right to opt their child(ren) out of required state testing. From the list of examples below, select all of the modes of communication that would be permissible under this requirement.

* 17. Fill in the blanks:
Section 7.0 of the TAM addresses the Smarter Balanced assessments in math and ELA, which states that the CAT expires after ____ days and the PT expires after ____ days.

* 18. Students who take a Smarter Balanced Mathematics test using the stacked Spanish/English version can respond to open-ended questions in Spanish and their response will be scored by a trained Spanish-speaking scorer.

* 19. Section 9.0 addresses the ELPA21 and describes the possibility that a student may encounter a “too soft” recording warning. If a student encounters this warning during testing, which of the following options is an acceptable course of action? Select all that apply

* 20. Appendix B of the TAM addresses student inclusion rules for all tests, including retesting students for tests with multiple opportunities. In order to retest a student in grades 5 or 8 who has already met or exceeded the achievement standard, what is required of the district?