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 February cover

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Form & Figure: Going green on a Marine
Airbrushing and Finishing: Groom a MUTT for Vietnam service
Landing a slick Huey: Details and weathering for Kitty Hawk's new UH-1
Dan Jayne's cutaway Phantom: A memorable modeler's lasting legacy
USS Kirk, April 1975: A pristine ship prepares for Operation Frequent Wind
Painting Monogram's 1/72 scale BUFF: A big model means a big paint job
Ahoy, armor! Rendering a Tango ATC(H) Vietnam riverine craft in resin
Outfit an ACAV: Field AFV Club's new M113A1 with stowage inside and out
Final Details: Veterans return, model

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* 2. How satisfied are you with the February issue of FineScale Modeler magazine?