Feeding South Florida is committed to excellent customer service and your feedback is important to us. If we've done a great job, we'd love to hear from you. If there are some things we can improve, we'd love to know that as well; we can only improve with honest feedback. Thank you for helping us change lives one meal at a time. Together, we are Feeding South Florida!

* 1. What date did you volunteer?

* 2. At which location did you volunteer?

* 3. How easy was the volunteer registration process at Feeding South Florida?

* 4. Did Feeding South Florida's team members mention other ways to get involved with the organization in addition to volunteering?

* 5. How meaningful was the volunteer work you did for Feeding South Florida?

* 6. Did you receive food safety training before you began volunteering? 

* 7. For the work you did, how useful were the volunteer training sessions at Feeding South Florida?

* 8. How easy was it to get along with the staff at Feeding South Florida?

* 9. Please tell us about your experience with your Volunteer Coordinator:

  Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree Neutral Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree
The team member was friendly and easy to work with. 
The team member was accessible at all times. 
The team member was knowledgeable. 
The team member was professional. 

* 10. How appreciated did your volunteer supervisor make you feel?

* 11. Overall, how satisfied were you with your volunteer experience at Feeding South Florida?

* 12. How likely are you to continue volunteering at Feeding South Florida?

* 13. How likely are you to recommend Feeding South Florida to others as a place to volunteer?

* 14. Please let us know if you're interested in the following: (If you're interested in any items, please do provide contact information below so we can follow up with you!)

* 15. Is there anything else you'd like to share about your volunteer experience? 

* 16. Tell us about yourself (optional).