What is it?
The UNA-USA Champions program provides UNA-USA members with the opportunity to lead on global issues within their communities. Champions are key advocates and preliminary organizers that play a key role in expanding UNA-USA’s reach across the nation. The ideal candidate is 21+ and not currently enrolled in school full time. They are looking to become active as a UNA-USA advocate in their community, and already interested or invested in U.N. issues. Participants can be in this program for as long as they meet the requirements and want to help spread the word about the UN!

Activity Expectations
Complete at least six of the options for advocacy, support building, and education. Reports on these six activities should be completed (with photos, videos, and confirmations to document where appropriate) and submitted to National at least twice a year (December and May). Selected Champions are agreeing to adhere to UNA-USA's Code of Ethics.

There are different engagement levels based on the activities you can engage in and the accumulated points: StarPro, and Advocate.

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a UNA-USA member
  • Live in the United States
  • Not be affiliated with or hold a leadership position with a UNA-USA chapter/division/organizing group
  • Have no UNA-USA chapter/division/organizing group in or near your city
  • Be willing to meet the minimum expectations for this program
  • Attend an online training if selected to be a Champion
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and new selected candidates will be introduced to the program around once a month.

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* 1. Your details

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* 2. You must have at least one social media account made public that you will use when doing any digital awareness activities. This helps us track your efforts! Please decide which below platform you will use and provide the handle.

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* 3. Are you affiliated with or hold a position with a UNA-USA community or campus chapter?

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* 4. Please provide a response (minimum 250 words, maximum 450 words) in the form of a blog post to the below prompt. Remember - this isn't academic or technical writing! We want to see your personality, your style, your voice, and YOUR reason why you care about the UN!

You can see UNA blog posts here and here.

"Why are you passionate about continued U.S. participation and leadership at the U.N.?"

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