General Information

CBD oil is a non-psychotropic marijuana derivative that has the potential to help many dogs with epilepsy. The purpose of this study is to test the efficacy of CBD in treatment of epilepsy in canines. A safety study has already been performed, and we have determined that this level of CBD/THC is not harmful to dogs.  

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that participation in this study will help your dog's seizures. This is a crossover study so, if you are eligible for the study, your dog will receive a placebo for 12 weeks as well as the CBD oil for 12 weeks. The timing is randomized and we won't know when they were on which oil until the entire study is concluded, which we anticipate may not be until the end of 2020.  

Inclusion Criteria
-Already on therapeutic dosing of routine anti-seizure medications
-Frequent generalized seizures
-Willing to commit to a 7 month clinical trial

What is Required
-An MRI of the brain and spinal tap to rule out other causes of seizures
-Reassessment and bloodwork every 4 weeks
-Unable to change seizure medications for 7 month duration of clinical trial
-Weekly behavior surveys
-Monthly seizure logs 
Out-of-state: We cannot ship our oil across state lines so if you do not reside in Colorado, a one time trip is mandatory. If you do not have a neurologist that you're currently working with, you will have to make a trip at the beginning, the 12 week, and the 28 week time points. 
***Due to the restrictions placed on us in light of the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently only able to enroll patients who can come to CSU every 4 weeks***

All costs related to the study will be covered in full, including: the exams, bloodwork, MRI, spinal tap, study oil, and shipping costs (if participating from out of state). 

If you have any questions regarding the clinical trial please contact Breonna Thomas at or 970-305-0455

Must be a U.S. resident. 
14% of survey complete.