National Volunteer Week - Grant Funding Report

We hope your National Volunteer Week celebrations were a success! We look forward to reviewing your report.

In order to evaluate the impact of National Volunteer Week (NVW), supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Government of Alberta, please complete the following report. 

Grant Funding Reports must be completed and submitted using this form only. As you CANNOT save the report as you go, please have all the information ready before you start the survey.

We will send you a PDF copy of your report for your records after the report deadline.

Thank you for your participation in National Volunteer Week celebrations in Alberta! 

REPORT DEADLINE: Thursday, May 31, 2018 by 11:59pm


* 2. Please choose which Site status you received funding for:

* 3. Host municipality/village/county:

* 4. Population Represented: (please include all communities that participated in your answer)

* 5. Did more than one organization participate in coordinating your National Volunteer Week celebrations?

* 6. Are participating organizations located in more than one municipality?