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The Fertilising Product Regulation (FPR) will be fully applicable as of 16th of July 2022 in the Member States of the EU. This will be done with a notification of a conformity assessment body, which approves the different Product Function categories (PFCs) as fertiliser, soil improver, growing media etc. marked with CE label. The European Biogas Association (EBA) and European Compost Network (ECN) want to compare the proceedings, barriers and advantages of CE marked products based on compost and digestate.
Results of the questionnaire will be analysed and shared at a later stage.
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We also want to encourage you to share the link to this online survey with your national ministries, notifying authorities, notified bodies (conformity assessment bodies), fertiliser trading companies and other stakeholders as this will help get a better picture for each country. The more answers we get, the better the results!

Closing date for the questionnaire is November 18th so make you fill in the questionnaire and spread it around as soon as possible.

The FPR can be downloaded in all EU languages here

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