AAP FamilY Partnerships Network Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) FamilY Partnerships Network (FPN). The FPN is an advisory group to the AAP. Its mission is to represent family and youth/young adult perspectives, lead and facilitate youth/young adult and family engagement, and support ongoing youth/young adult and family involvement at the local, state, and national levels.

Participation in the FPN provides you with the following:
  • Virtual community of youth/young adults/families, with opportunities to share best practices and lessons learned about partnering with pediatricians
  • Timely announcements and news about child health topics from the AAP
  • Volunteer opportunities to add family perspectives to AAP programs and products, in partnership with pediatricians¬†

Network participation falls under 3 categories:
  • AAP FAMILY ADVISOR: Family members, youth, and caregivers who are currently participating or have previously participated in a formal advisory capacity to an AAP national or chapter level effort (including family liaisons to AAP committees and family affiliate members to AAP Section/Councils).
  • FAMILY PARTNER: Family members, youth, or caregivers who are currently or previously engaged with an AAP member or member practice on quality improvement, medical home, or local child health advancement activities, including members of family advisory committees within hospitals or practices; representatives from national, state, or regional family organizations; or those working on child health at the program/policy level.
  • ADJUNCT PARTNER: Professionals who work with children, with special interest in family engagement.
Please complete this brief application to be considered.

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