Safety Mobile App Survey

Six Nations community organizations are partnering to bring a Free Mobile Safety App for all community members living on and off reserve. In order to accurately meet the safety needs of our community members, we are looking for community input to help us build this application!

Please take a few minutes to answer 10 questions and enter a chance to win prizes drawn monthly!

* 1. Are you a Six Nations community member?

* 2. Do you reside on or off reserve?

* 3. Do you currently use any mobile applications on your cellular device?

* 4. Would you use a mobile application for quick access to community information and resources?

* 5. If yes, please select the following information/resources you would seek:

* 6. Are there any other resources and/or information you would like to see included in this safety mobile application?

* 7. Please select any features this safety mobile application should include:

* 8. Do you feel this free mobile application would increase community safety?

* 9. Do you feel this free mobile application would promote community healing?

* 10. If there is a safety mobile application developed for our community, what would you call it?