Proposals must be submitted to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), Division of District Support at least thirty (30) days prior to the first scheduled program to ensure time for approval. The Department cannot guarantee proposals submitted after this time will be reviewed for approval. Proposals submitted after training session has occurred will not be considered for approval.

Information can be copied from your program documents and pasted in the data fields below. The web based proposal form will not allow providers to attach documents; therefore, please email any additional information separately to Carol Buell at

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* 1. Program Title:

* 2. Program Description:

* 3. Date Provider intends to offer program initially for cycle:


* 4. Number of Actual Contact Hours with participants:

* 5. This program is structured at the stage of professional development checked below. For intensive, long-term programs, it is permissible to check more than one stage. (Check all that apply)

* 6. Provider/Presenter Information:

* 7. Identify the CORE COMPETENCIES addressed by this program (Check all that apply) Please refer to the Core Competencies detailed descriptions listed in the Finance Officer Training Criteria document pages 3-4 located at the following link: Click here

* 8. How will the program contribute to a finance officer’s development as it relates to the core competencies?

* 9. This program is aligned with and/or supports the following standards: Please refer to the standards 1 through 6 detailed descriptions listed in the Finance Officer Training Criteria document page 2 located at the following link: Click here

* 10. What research-based principles of adult learning are embedded in the delivery of the program? (e.g., active participation; purposeful, relevant, and/or life enhancing learning experiences; activities based on participants’ real-life experiences; learning for the purpose of enhancing real-life situations; motivated from such internal forces as self-esteem)

* 11. Describe the measurable skills, knowledge, and/or new capacity participants will gain as a result of program participation. (Describe the new learning expected.)

* 12. What changes in participants’ behavior are expected, or what impact on participant practice is expected as a result of attending this program? (How is the new learning expected to be applied?)

* 13. List all costs to the participant.

* 14. List trainer credentials or email a copy of the trainer vita to KDE. No Vita is required for KDE personnel.

* 15. Please list the complete training agenda, along with the time dedicated to each training topic.

* 16. Please describe the materials to be used during the session that typify the quality, level, and scope of the program, or email samples of the material to KDE.

* 17. Please describe the Session Evaluation Instrument that will be used. The evaluation instrument must evaluate the training in terms of its content, instructional processes, and impact upon the professional behavior of participants.