The Friday Night Live (FNL) Youth Summit will take place on October 7-8, 2023 in Anaheim, California.

Exhibits will be open on Sunday, October 8th. 

Exhibit registrations will be accepted on an ongoing basis and are due Friday, May 19th.

- General prevention strategies, tools, campaigns, assessment, implementation, etc.
- FNL chapter development & capacity building (i.e., recruitment & retention strategies, meeting facilitation tips & tricks, youth-adult partnerships, etc.)
- Cannabis use prevention*
- Community organizing/outreach*
- Mental health & wellness
- Social-emotional learning
- Tobacco use prevention*
- Underage drinking prevention*
- Underage & problem gambling prevention*
- Youth development
- Youth leadership/advocacy

*indicates a prioritized topic
Each exhibit will be set with one 6-ft table and two chairs.
Specify any additional needs in the form below.

FNL Youth Summit participants will be high school-aged youth, as well as adult allies.
Please ensure that all materials and content are age appropriate.
Wi-fi access is not guaranteed.
Please be prepared in the event that an internet connection is not available.
Hilton Anaheim
777 W. Convention Way
Anaheim, California
Questions? Contact Azulie Wilson at (559) 733-6496 x1260 or

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