The Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges of Ontario (FHRCO) convened a Consent & Capacity Working Group. The purpose is to examine the feasibility of creating collaborative educational materials to improve our member/registrant understanding of their legal and professional obligations for obtaining consent in their respective practice settings. The Working Group’s first task is to assess the current knowledge of our members/registrants surrounding how consent to treatment is obtained and documented and how capacity to consent is assessed. The results of the survey will help the Working Group identify any areas that may require further member/registrant education.

There are two sections to the survey:

Section I: Assesses the current knowledge and processes of members/registrants surrounding consent to treatment
Section II: Assesses the current knowledge and processes of members/registrants surrounding assessing capacity to consent

Please Note:  
Survey questions regarding assessing capacity to consent to treatment refer to the ability of the client/patient to consent to the treatment that is being proposed by a specific practitioner (e.g. taking a blood sample). We are not referring to capacity assessments for personal care or the capacity to consent to admission to long-term care facilities, financial transactions or wills.

The survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Your responses are anonymous and will only be used and communicated in aggregate format.
20% of survey complete.