The Voluntary Bonding Scheme (VBS) was introduced in 2009 to encourage newly graduated teachers to teach in certain areas of need. This is known as The Voluntary Bonding Scheme (ongoing) and covers newly graduated teachers who are employed in decile 1 or severely isolated schools nationwide.  If you meet the requirements you may be eligible for payments totaling up to $17,500, paid in instalments after your third, fourth and fifth year of teaching.

In 2018, the scheme was expanded to include more schools, settings and subjects. This is known as the Voluntary Bonding Scheme (expansion) and covers newly graduated teachers employed in decile 2 and 3 schools in the Auckland region, Māori Medium settings (nationwide) and teachers of Te Reo Māori, Science, Technology and Maths.  If you meet the requirements you may be eligible for a one-off payment of $10,500 after the third year of consecutive employment.

Use this tool to see if you might be eligible for the Voluntary Bonding Scheme.  Please note this tool is to be used as a guide only.