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Examples from victim-survivors of DFSV of when someone has followed your lead

Insight Exchange is establishing a Follow My Lead library of examples and we want to hear from people with lived experience of domestic, family and sexualised violence who have positive examples to share that will inform other responders.

Survey Design:
The survey is structured to focus only on the purpose intended and to minimise distress to participants as the survey cannot be responded to due to it being anonymous by design.

Length: 15min (approx) survey with 4 questions below.

Survey Introduction:
The resource Follow My Lead was designed to inform and support responders (formal ad informal) to recognise and value the lived-expertise of victim-survivors of DFSV and to follow their lead.

We want to build a library of positive examples that show that following a victim-survivors lead is vital and possible no matter what industry or situation.

We are inviting victim-survivors of DFSV to share one example of how a responder (formal or informal) followed your lead. 

Your example will be used to strengthen individual, community and organisational responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence.

Explore examples in the library
We have included some examples in the library on our website that are designed to show you the look and feel of the library. You can view the library examples here:

If you completing this survey or listening to the examples is distressing in any way, you can stop the survey at any time. You may wish to talk to someone you trust or call a support service of your choice. Insight Exchange does not provide direct services. Our free digital resources, specifically ‘Follow My Lead’, ‘My Safety Kit ’ and ‘My Dignity’ point to support contacts - these are available on our website 

Question Title

* 1. 1.Please describe a short specific example of when a responder (formal or informal) has followed your lead? (1-2 sentences max)

Question Title

* 2. In the example above, what was the responder doing/saying  (or not doing/saying) to not take over - to follow your lead?

Question Title

* 3. In the example above, from your perspective, what thinking or beliefs do you think the responder had, to make it possible for them to follow your lead?

Question Title

* 4. Responses can have immediate and lasting influence and impact. In the example you have given what difference do you think that made in the moment to where the conversation or contact went?

Question Title

* 5. Declaration by Follow My Lead Library participant

I have read the invitation and introduction that explains the project. My questions have been answered to my satisfaction, and I understand that I may ask further questions at any time. I understand and agree to the terms and conditions of participation and publishing listed.

By participating in Insight Exchange Follow My Lead Library, I understand that:
  • By submitting this example this constitutes my consent to include and publish my de-identified example in the library.
  • My example will be prepared for production to include only the text that meets the objective of the project.
  • My identity and the identity of all individuals and organisations in the example of my experiences will be removed.
  • My example will be used in subtitle (closed captions) with a supporting audio voice recording that is not my own.
  • All intellectual property remains the property of Insight Exchange
  • While consent to publish cannot be revoked, I am able to request that Insight Exchange (as publisher) does not make further use of my contribution in future publications. I understand that all existing publications used by Insight Exchange and by third parties will not be recalled.
  • I understand I will not have any control of how the example might be used by third parties who access Insight Exchange.
  • If I publicly self-identify as the person in the example, Insight Exchange may choose to remove the example from its websites and any other publications.
  • Insight Exchange reserves the right to not use my example, or to use my example in part or in full to meet the objectives of the project.
I understand that my Follow My Lead library example may be:
  • published in all formats (including print, electronic, and websites)
  • used on the Insight Exchange website & shared through social media platforms
  • used in part or in its whole during presentations, workshops and other events that aim to support people to understand violence and the role they play as social responders.
I understand that I have the right to:
  • Decline to answer any particular question in the survey or not submit the survey if I change my mind part way.
  • Ask any questions or provide feedback about any aspect about the Insight Exchange process.
  • Revoke my consent at any time before publication by contacting the Insight Exchange team – I understand that due to deidentified submission I will need to specify which example I am referring to if withdrawing consent.
  • Have my privacy and confidentiality respected.

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