The Town of Wellesley is updating its 2015 Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP).

The OSRP inventories current open space and recreation resources, identifies community needs, and outlines an action plan to meet those needs. It is updated every seven years to keep it current on existing conditions in Wellesley and ensures the Town remains eligible for grants available through the Commonwealth. The goals and objectives in this survey were developed through the previous Open Space Plan, and through the 2019 Unified Plan. Your input will help create action steps, and enable the numerous boards, departments and various stakeholders to confirm, adapt and prioritize their efforts on these objectives.

For each goal, let us know if you think it is very important, somewhat important, or not so important. Then from a list of the goal's associated objectives, choose your top three priorities. You can also let us know if you think there should be changes to the goal and/or its objectives. If you do have changes or would like to remove a part, please let us know why so we can improve the OSRP. Also include any actions you feel the Town should consider in meeting goals and objectives. Lastly, pick three goals that require immediate attention or are the most important to you.

As you take the survey, please keep the following terms in mind:
  • Goal: What the Town hopes to achieve in the long term
  • Objective: A measurable milestone to reach a goal
  • Action or Strategy: A specific step taken to meet an objective