Thank you for taking part in our brief survey about the types of news, information and entertainment of most interest to you.

Imagine you can create a news, information and entertainment experience for yourself tailored to the Boston region. Let's start by asking which of these topics, if any, hold the most value for you.

Question Title

* 1. For each of the following types of news, information and entertainment, how important would each of these topics be to you? 

  Extremely important 4 3 2 Not at all important
Boston Parenting News & Information
Boston Health and Medical Coverage
Boston Food, Wine and Cooking
Boston Coverage for Caregivers (children of aging parents)

Question Title

* 2. For the same list of news, information and entertainment experiences, which ones do you think could be improved - meaning you can't find enough of it today or wish that what you did find were better in some way?  (Compared to any source, whether electronic, in print, on TV or elsewhere.)