Fulton County is preparing a new Development Strategy with assistance from MRB Group, following significant progress made against the 2018 strategy and economic shifts over the past several years. The Development Strategy will be grounded in a comprehensive data assessment and lay out a vision, goals, and strategies for advancing Fulton County’s economic, housing, and tourism potential. This will be a concise, targeted strategy that identifies achievable, high-impact initiatives for phased implementation in coming years. It will serve as a guiding document to help the County and its partners be intentional and strategic about making investments in economic development, housing, and tourism.

We need your insights: The Fulton County Development Strategy must be informed by the perspectives and ideas of community stakeholders like you. Thank you for taking time to help with this effort and to suggest initiatives that would better our community.

WHY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT? Economic development is initiatives, policies, and activities that seek to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for a community by creating and retaining jobs, growing incomes, and providing a stable tax base.